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Information about Costing

  • Automatic "On-screen access" to COST details.
  • COST screen fully password protected.
  • OVERHEAD recovery.
  • PROFIT or LOSS for each item displayed.
  • Creation of selling prices from ‘COST’.
  • All invoiced items are automatically transferred to a ‘PROFIT or LOSS’ File.

Throughout the `Georgina` System all items of Glass, Processing, Stock Items and Double Glazed Units have their cost automatically calculated (including any wastage factor). Overheads are automatically recovered and displayed for each line of the Document. The `Georgina` System displays the True Total Cost ; an Overhead-Allowance ; and a Selling-Price. This information is displayed on the cost screen (Password Protected) for every line of the Invoice/Estimate created, helping the operator to make decisions regarding the selling price.

For the pricing of any special jobs (Including Domestic / Commercial / Architectural Glazing) 'Georgina' will create the selling rate using a `Special Costing` facility. Additional items ; Transport costs; Overheads; Labour etc., can be entered and 'Georgina' will re-calculate a new selling rate, M2 ; Linear metre ; Each ; based on the information entered.

You will be amazed at how competitive you can become using this method, allowing you to obtain sales that may otherwise be lost. Whenever a loss-making situation occurs, Georgina will display the item that is making the loss and enable the operator to either adjust the price, or accept the loss.


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