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Double Glazing Units

Information about Double Glazing Units

  • Fast Data entry system
  • All Area calculations to three decimal points
  • Metric or Inches can be entered
  • Full Search facility to find Products
  • Full Search facility to find Account Customers
  • Standard Stock file Prices
  • Discount Bands if required
  • Special Account customer selling prices
  • Integrated Costing Program for high speed competitive quotes, Glazing, Extras etc.,
  • Shaped Units; Stepped Units
  • Different Minimum areas for ANY unit and/or ANY customer
  • Minimum price for any item
  • Energy Surcharge facility
  • Unique "Beat-a-quote" facility
  • ALL DG Unit Processing ( including Leadwork; Georgian Bar; Holes for Vents; Stains; Bevels etc.,)
  • Calculates the Cost of every DG Unit from all component parts
  • Automatic 'On-screen' warning display of any Loss-making situation
  • Labels: Details automatically sent from Works Orders to Label file
  • Toughened Glass details automatically sent to Report file for Ordering
  • Profit or Loss for every DG Unit Invoiced
  • Departmental Profit or Loss for every DG Unit / Process Invoiced
  • Full editing and costing facility on retrieved documents
  • Glass cutting lists
  • Total number of Items printed on Works orders and delivery Notes
  • Total Weights printed on documents for Loading vehicles etc.,
  • Links to an Optimiser, Cutting Bench etc.,

Our Double Glazed Units Invoicing and Costing modules are extremely powerful and will automatically produce all prices for 'ANY' possible make-up of Unit... AND will also recognise any Special or Negotiated Prices for individual customers, together with any number of added Processes.

The D G Modules allow for different Minimum Areas for different Units for different customers and will easily cope with any number of Colours of Spacer Bars across the range of thicknesses. Clarity & Georgina automatically calculate the Cost and Overhead content of every line of invoicing, displaying an on-screen warning of any Loss making situation.

An amazing "Integrated Costing System" produces high-speed, re-costed documents for competitive pricing and will create new Area metre rates for Quoting.

See how fast and competitive you can be, especially for those important jobs!


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