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Information about Invoicing

  • Creates Estimates, Works Orders, Delivery Notes, Invoices and Credit Notes
  • Recovers all Documents for viewing and editing
  • Converts Estimates / Works Orders / Delivery Notes to Invoices etc.,
  • Crystal reporting allows the personal designing of all printing output
  • Full Document search Facility by Account, Delivery Address, Customer Order No., Deliver-by-date, Telephone No. or Document No.
  • Full retrieval and editing of all documents
  • Turnover/Profit or Loss analysis
  • Printing of documents in a batch or individually
  • Automatic conversion of Invoices for posting to Accounts
  • Warning of any loss making item [Highlighted in RED]
  • Integrated Costing program for competitive Pricing / Glazing / Extras etc.,
  • History files for all completed documents
  • Document Summary reports for ALL documents (see detailed lists of work-in-progress & 'outstanding Estimates')
  • Reports Profit or Loss for each item sold
  • Auto posting to Toughened Glass Order Report
  • Auto posting to Label program for small or large labels
  • Auto posting to Optimiser file


Only the documents required need be used.

All Documents may be saved and recalled at any time using excellent search and filtering facilities including : Account-Code, Telephone-Number, Customers-Order-Number, Delivery-Address or the actual Document number. When an Estimate has been re-called, it may be edited and then saved as an amended Estimate, or converted into the next stage e.g.: Work-order.

When the work is completed the Works-Order document may be recovered and edited (for any additions / changes / shortages etc)., The document may then be converted into an Invoice or Delivery-note as required.

It is NOT necessary to use ALL of these document stages. You may create an Invoice directly. When an Invoice has been produced the details may then, if required, be converted for automated posted to a Sales Ledger where Statements, Aged-Debt Listing and VAT are calculated and printed. (Please see Accounts).

The Total Cost and Selling price for each Invoice is automatically saved, on an accumulative monthly basis, to an Operating Profit or Loss file

Detailed, on-screen Document summary reports display all levels of documentation, including values. See all work-in-progress.

Chase any outstanding quotations and get the business, without moving from the computer screen.

[Displays the Customer, Telephone number, value of document etc]


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