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Information about Optimisation of the the Clarity & Georgina Systems

If required , the Clarity & Georgina Systems may be linked to many popular Optimisers.

EZOpt from GlassCalc Limited produces glass-cutting diagrams for your orders from your Stock sheets, giving the most efficient results in the shortest time. EZOpt will give excellent results with either the manual handling of stock sheets sizes such as 2440mm x 1320mm, or with full or split jumbo sheets.

Minimising waste is a critical factor in glass sheet cutting and is reflected into the profitability of the Company. Whilst the dimensions of the Stock sheets are fairly constant, the required cut sizes are infinitely variable. And since the sizes are continually changing continuous calculating is required to produce the best results for each job.

There are innumerable ways to cut a batch of orders from Stock sheet sizes, but many of these will produce very high wastages. It is not uncommon to find wastage figures of around 30%. Using EZOpt can dramatically reduce the wastage down to 3% - 6%. Methods such as random cutting, repeat cutting, mirror cutting and direct pairing can simplify the Optimisation process, producing savings that can justify the investment in the System within weeks. EZOpt will link to most glass cutting tables, has very useful help screens and can be configured for the use of individual operatives or needs.


The EZOpt basic package includes the facility to manually type in glass sizes, and to amend the details if required. EZOpt can simultaneously optimise both Clear and Patterned glass out of several different Stock sheet sizes. The program will produce detailed cutting diagrams suitable for manual cutting or for operating a semi-automatic table, and a Label can be printed for each unit or each piece of glass. EZOpt can optimise in a number of different ways to suit your production methods.

Where an Optimiser is used the relevant Glass and Spacer-Bar details are posted from the Works Order.


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