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Information about Processing

  • Processing/Operations for Single Glass & Double Glazing Units.
  • An almost infinite number of Processes and Operations can be added.
  • Any calculation:- Area, Each, Linear-Metre.
  • Up to 10 area breaks for each Process.
  • Infinite Mark-up tables for the thicker glasses etc.,
  • Minimum and Maximum sizes for each Process.
  • Quantity Breaks. (Especially useful to Glass Processors)
  • Energy Surcharge facility.
  • Unique "Beat-a-quote" facility.
  • Minimum price for any item.
  • Separate Processing for Glass, Glazing and DG Units.
  • Profit or Loss Departmental analysis for all Processing.
  • Shape mark-up for all Processing.
  • Special prices and discounts for different customers.
  • Add further Operations to existing Lines

The Clarity & Georgina Systems cater for every type of Processing possible (including : Edgework ; Bevelling ; Drilling ; Polishing ; Holes for Vents ; Safety Backing ; Picture Frames ; Domestic & Commercial hack out & Glaze etc.,)

YOU determine what Processes to include for your Company and what calculation method to use.

Area ; Linear-Metre ; Each

Clarity & Georgina can handle ANY & ALL of the different variables, including up to 10 area breaks for each process type, whilst also taking into account any Minimum-Charges that may need to be applied. The system automatically charges the correct processing rate according to the type and size of the glass without any extra input by the operator, thus eradicating common pricing errors

Special customer prices and discounts are also automatically calculated.


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