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We Provided Software to the Glass and Glazing Industry

  • Fast Data entry system
  • All Area calculations to three decimal points.
  • Metric or Inches can be entered.
  • Full Search facility to find Products
  • Full Search facility to find Account Customers
  • Unlimited range of Discount Bands
  • Special customer prices.
  • Quantity Breaks. (Especially useful to Glass Processors)
  • Energy Surcharge facility
  • Unique "Beat-a-quote" facility
  • Minimum price for any item
  • Labels for Single Glass ( Small, Or Large )
  • Non-stock items by Area, Linear Metre or Each
  • Creation of selling prices from Costs and Overheads
  • Separate screen displaying Costs/Overheads and Profit
  • Full password protection
  • Loss-making warning when Invoicing / Estimating
  • Amazing 'Integrated Costing Program' for High-speed, competitive Quoting
  • Recovery and editing of all Documents
  • Operating Profit or Loss file
  • Easy facility for price/cost increases
  • Customer price lists
  • Print prices on Invoice by line or ‘Total only’
  • Free type notes on Documents
  • Total Number of Items printed on Works Order and Delivery notes
  • Creation of all Document types (See Invoicing)
  • Weights calculated and printed, for loading etc.,
  • Deliver by Date
  • Toughened Glass items sent to Report File for ordering (see Toughened Reports)
  • Link to Optimisers
  • Link to Account Packages
  • Easy to use, by even the most inexperienced operator
  • Stand alone or Multi-user Versions available


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